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The HAL Project Video News - for the ones living the HAL Way

The HAL Project Video News are for now an experiment. It will run as long as it makes sense, or is allowed, so to speak. The idea is to bring density 2 (LPRF2 or dimension 4-6) news and information as often as possible, within these themes: 
1) On the themes and energies in the making, setting the framework for the clearing and progression work. 
2) From the Round-Table of DE2 Races in our system: - On the weather modification programs. - On Finances and Economic Issues, from a DE2 perspective. - On DE2 Politics inside and outside our reality.  - On DE2 Health and the upgrading programs of humanity - under their control.
3) Recommendations & Updates.  Background Information
The Round-Table of DE2 (LPRF2) and DE3 (LPRF3) Races here are working within their gridworks: These gridworks are part of the emplacement done to phase out the timeline event and the old technologies upholding our solar system (and planet).
The prohibiting or OWO technologies were part of the hijacking of our reality that…
Recent posts

Another Color Revolution?

I am not going to make any in depth explanations or statements on this, just noticing the similarities in how the color revolutions have been orchestrated around the globe and what took place in the US.
For background information watch these two lectures of Richard Dolan:  Richard Dolan's Australian UFO Phenomenon Presentation
What is a color revolution:  Presentation by Richard Dolan (USA) on False Flags
So, considering the different color revolutions; how they are unfolded and operated including the use of colors - perhaps the Black Lives Matter revolt could falls into this category and then the questions are:  What will come after? Is this to take down the Trump administration?What further control systems will this lead to? Or is this a false flag to take down the NWO as in using their own methods against them?  I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop and as always we will know, once it has been…

We Must Re-define Wealth

In the light of the years to come, and the flower of doom playing out its programming, we must be extremely careful with how we proceed in the post-covid environment, generating a new class of citizens holding the so-called immunity card. 
Read this article from the Guardian to get what I here refer to:
As we know, those of us remembering history and how humanity has responded in similar situations - being forced to repeat history until they have learned their lessons, i.e. completed their cycle of evolution in a way that will grant them the pass-port to leave the base program (most never will succeed btw, because the maze of the base program has been reprogrammed so many times that nobody really knows the passage out any more), history will repeat itself over and over again. 
So, of course I do what I can to bring light to topics that could potentially diminish the barr…

New Anti-terror Bill in Australia?

As you might know, from watching the Logs on the Randi Green Channel, I have started to find traces of information in the films and TV-shows, which have been shown on air over the last 10 years. 
In the article from the Guardian, we get informed about ASIO wants to get expanded power in a new bill, and I cant help thinking about the TV-show, on Netflix, called Secret City that has on the table how a masterly played political game ends up with an anti-terror bill taking away huge chunks of the freedom of speech for the press, incl. a plot of large infiltration of hidden Chinese influence in the Canberra Government. It is worth a watch. 
Here is the article on the Guardian:
From where I am standing, there is so much brewing. Time will tell, where all of this is going.

A Duck is not Aways a Duck

Just because it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, does not make it a duck. 
The new type of world, we live in, will for sure turn everything up-side-down. And the middle domain, and its dominant races, have thing or two to say to what is happening. 
One headline from the Guardian:
Monkeys steal Covid-19 test samples from health worker in India
All I am saying, is to remember what I have said about our world not really being our own, and that there are many other races here, having different organic vessels. The law of the cycles, as mentioned many times in my material, plays a role in all domains. 
Now is not the time to rely on "how things used to be", and "what you thought the world was", or "how things are supposed to operate". 
The old world order is gone. The new, whatever that means, is here.

A Massive Re-loop in the Making

I am pretty sure we are in for a massive re-looping some time soon. Not on a local scale, as in only me, but on a global scale. And, if I am not utterly wrong, this re-looping is done by the true human factions, working into our reality from the core fields aka the 6th dimension. 
The reason for the re-looping is our reemerging from the planetoid worlds (the Grey-hybrid Event), which I earlier saw as ending in 2014. And that might be a correct assessment, but the ramifications from that pull-in, dipped us into the older timelines of the 1st and 2nd seeding after the timeline event, and that is why I say we are now on our way to get completely out of the Grey artificial construction. 
The re-looping will affect those of us who have original human genetics. It is meant as a bit of a helping hand to catch up with the work, we should had done the last 4 year, but were prevented to do due to the ramifications of the Grey-hybrid Event. This should give us a second chance (it is a big thing…

The 4th Strain has been Seeded

As I talked about in the HAL Sequence 1, the current RNA virus running its course of illness on our planets population, was seeded into three strains - or strands as I call them - because each strain is a genetic engineered strand or sequence of DNA, targeted to mutate certain RNA sequences in the human population. 
Science has caught up with that information. 
From New Scientist on the three strains. From on the three strains.
There also seem to be an exponential growth rate for each strain, which I can confirm, because as it mutates, it becomes more skilled at targeting the human cells, so to speak, and thus becomes more effective. Science thinks the virus stems from a combination of bat and something else, but the fact is, as it is with all seeded viruses, it is a hybrid (or a chimera) between different forms of ancient viruses, long forgotten by man, and far from detected and sequenced by present-day sciences. 
Now, we must not overlook the fact that is called a coron…