A Duck is not Aways a Duck

Just because it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, does not make it a duck. 
The new type of world, we live in, will for sure turn everything up-side-down. And the middle domain, and its dominant races, have thing or two to say to what is happening. 
One headline from the Guardian:
Monkeys steal Covid-19 test samples from health worker in India
All I am saying, is to remember what I have said about our world not really being our own, and that there are many other races here, having different organic vessels. The law of the cycles, as mentioned many times in my material, plays a role in all domains. 
Now is not the time to rely on "how things used to be", and "what you thought the world was", or "how things are supposed to operate". 
The old world order is gone. The new, whatever that means, is here.

A Massive Re-loop in the Making

I am pretty sure we are in for a massive re-looping some time soon. Not on a local scale, as in only me, but on a global scale. And, if I am not utterly wrong, this re-looping is done by the true human factions, working into our reality from the core fields aka the 6th dimension. 
The reason for the re-looping is our reemerging from the planetoid worlds (the Grey-hybrid Event), which I earlier saw as ending in 2014. And that might be a correct assessment, but the ramifications from that pull-in, dipped us into the older timelines of the 1st and 2nd seeding after the timeline event, and that is why I say we are now on our way to get completely out of the Grey artificial construction. 
The re-looping will affect those of us who have original human genetics. It is meant as a bit of a helping hand to catch up with the work, we should had done the last 4 year, but were prevented to do due to the ramifications of the Grey-hybrid Event. This should give us a second chance (it is a big thing…

The 4th Strain has been Seeded

As I talked about in the HAL Sequence 1, the current RNA virus running its course of illness on our planets population, was seeded into three strains - or strands as I call them - because each strain is a genetic engineered strand or sequence of DNA, targeted to mutate certain RNA sequences in the human population. 
Science has caught up with that information. 
From New Scientist on the three strains. From on the three strains.
There also seem to be an exponential growth rate for each strain, which I can confirm, because as it mutates, it becomes more skilled at targeting the human cells, so to speak, and thus becomes more effective. Science thinks the virus stems from a combination of bat and something else, but the fact is, as it is with all seeded viruses, it is a hybrid (or a chimera) between different forms of ancient viruses, long forgotten by man, and far from detected and sequenced by present-day sciences. 
Now, we must not overlook the fact that is called a coron…

Closing of the 1930 Insectoid Gates

In 1930, one of the factions working to revive the fallen Atlantis into our world, managed to open up the gates into the Orion Systems, and by that allowing for the Orion insectoid races to enter into our reality. 
These are mainly the 3rd cycle infused insectoid humanoid races, along with few of the regressed insectoid races, which once were humans but regressed due to the timeline event. 
As we know, the world had just survived the WW1, managed to get through the Spanish Flu and were entering the Great Depression. All events that were in the making of changing our world from an old world order into a new one. One that got solidified after WW2. 
With the opening of the Orion gates into the 3D-4D Insectoid realities, new possibilities came to our world, providing with a hive-mind worker mentality, an advanced industries mind-set and a huge genetic infusion to a dying collective pool of human genetics. This changed what a human was on our planet, since the opening of the Orion gates a…

The Sun has Begun its Shifting

In the HAL Project Article on the Shift of the Sun, the time frame of its shifting is set to begin in 2022. 
However, on April 8th 2020, the process began. It has begun its shift into the 4th dimension.
Why that is, is a puzzle, but there have been fluctuations in the 5 major timelines, which might have a say in this. For the time being, the 5 timelines appear to have been braided, and that influences the possible futures of our reality. 
Naturally, the 5 timelines have their own version of what type of future our solar system will enter into, and any future we might be part of, depend on our consciousness genetics, our energy system and the reality grids, we are connected to. 
Hence, our diligent progression work to ensure, we are on the correct timeline and the future we want to become part of.