A Massive Re-loop in the Making

I am pretty sure we are in for a massive re-looping some time soon. Not on a local scale, as in only me, but on a global scale. And, if I am not utterly wrong, this re-looping is done by the true human factions, working into our reality from the core fields aka the 6th dimension. 

The reason for the re-looping is our reemerging from the planetoid worlds (the Grey-hybrid Event), which I earlier saw as ending in 2014. And that might be a correct assessment, but the ramifications from that pull-in, dipped us into the older timelines of the 1st and 2nd seeding after the timeline event, and that is why I say we are now on our way to get completely out of the Grey artificial construction. 

The re-looping will affect those of us who have original human genetics. It is meant as a bit of a helping hand to catch up with the work, we should had done the last 4 year, but were prevented to do due to the ramifications of the Grey-hybrid Event. This should give us a second chance (it is a big thing with the councils - always working to correct things using the "second-chance" policy) to do the clearing and progression work, we had taken from us. 

Naturally, all hands are on deck from the counter-forces (whomever they may by connected to our template and past) to halt or prevent this. And, as always, if you are on top of your clearing and progression work, you will experience the fluctuations of this "battle" BUT not to worry. The human viable genetics in you will prosper, if you assist them to do so.

You are the will to make the changes come to life.

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