The 4th Strain has been Seeded

As I talked about in the HAL Sequence 1, the current RNA virus running its course of illness on our planets population, was seeded into three strains - or strands as I call them - because each strain is a genetic engineered strand or sequence of DNA, targeted to mutate certain RNA sequences in the human population. 

Science has caught up with that information. 

There also seem to be an exponential growth rate for each strain, which I can confirm, because as it mutates, it becomes more skilled at targeting the human cells, so to speak, and thus becomes more effective. Science thinks the virus stems from a combination of bat and something else, but the fact is, as it is with all seeded viruses, it is a hybrid (or a chimera) between different forms of ancient viruses, long forgotten by man, and far from detected and sequenced by present-day sciences. 

Now, we must not overlook the fact that is called a corona virus. Corona is Latin and means "the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars." For me, it is not a coincidence that the current RNA virus is called that. I know, it is not what science has put into it, but there is no coincidences in our world when it comes to name-giving. There is no doubt that the virus and the energies of the sun are interconnected. 

Thus, as the sun shifts into its DE2 version, the different strains of the virus will follow the higher forms of energies. This will set in motion new mutations in the RNA sequences, altering the virus once more.

Why do I know of the 4th strand? Because I was exposed to it, as I have been to the prior 3 versions of the corona virus, to develop immunity to it. However, as the virus mutates, so will the genetic code sequences in my bio-field, allowing my immune system to adjust accordingly. 

As a last thing, the corona virus affects the T-cells of the immune system in humans that cannot adjust and upgrade to the new RNA sequences. Technically, the virus mutates our RNA sequences into an older version of the human genome, found in the organic vessels prior to the timeline event, and adjustable to the density energies. Humans, with genetic combinations, that cannot shift into the older genetic structure, are the ones which do not gain immunity from the virus.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, we will see. But with the correct knowledge of how to clear and upgrade genetics, as you should have learned as the basics in the pillar 1-7 developmental program ages ago (or by doing the HAL Material), you can correct whatever changes that are done to you. 

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