The Sun has Begun its Shifting

In the HAL Project Article on the Shift of the Sun, the time frame of its shifting is set to begin in 2022. 

However, on April 8th 2020, the process began. It has begun its shift into the 4th dimension.

Why that is, is a puzzle, but there have been fluctuations in the 5 major timelines, which might have a say in this. For the time being, the 5 timelines appear to have been braided, and that influences the possible futures of our reality. 

Naturally, the 5 timelines have their own version of what type of future our solar system will enter into, and any future we might be part of, depend on our consciousness genetics, our energy system and the reality grids, we are connected to. 

Hence, our diligent progression work to ensure, we are on the correct timeline and the future we want to become part of. 

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